Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Duct Tape Will Fix Anything.

Yesterday I could hear one of the neighbors sawing wood so I took the challenge and pulled out my trusty reciprocating saw to finish cutting down a tree damaged in a recent storm.

My closest neighbor complimented me on my tree-cutting abilities, telling me I was doing it like a pro. Yeah, but did he see me bust a blade and then run to the store for a replacement (and a replacement replacement, just in case)? Did he see me tear up my shed roof because the huge tree trunk was laying across the roof and I decided the quickest & easiest way to get it down would be by pulling it down with brutish force? (Yes, I'm so sore after doing that.) Did he see me tear the skin off my thumb because I wasn't wearing gloves? Not to worry though, I took a quick break and put on some Amy Brown fairy bandaids. Rough and tough as I may be, I'm somewhat pitiful when it comes to scrapes and cuts!

Okay, then after I dragged myself in for a much-needed shower, my dad recommended that I duct-tape the shed roof so that water won't come in before we can get the sucker repaired. So yes, I'm that kind of girl. The not-quite divorcee who comes out in itty bitty shorts, a skimpy tank and long wet hair to climb onto a ladder and duct tape her shed.

It's so silly it's sad. I'm sure all the men neighbors were incredulous and dumbfounded, while the women neighbors were incredulous and PO'd. But sorry, I wasn't about to get appropriately dressed (or put on appropriate under garments, i.e. a bra) just to come out and climb onto a ladder and get all sweaty and mosquito-bitten!! Darn those mosquitos.

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