Monday, July 20, 2009

First Impressions

My arms and shoulders were so sore this weekend. The other day, one of our neighbors had his horse out. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to introduce Lucky to him (the horse). I told Lucky all about him, but by the time we got out to the field he was long gone... or so I thought.

A calm Lucky

I had Lucky on her lead and she was calmly chomping out on grass when she started jumping around as if a fly had gone up her nose. There was no fly. She'd seen the neighbor's horse out of the corner of her eye. Although he was halfway across the field, Lucky was jumping and kicking as if she was auditioning as a rodeo bronco. If it was a real audition, she'd have won the job!

I immediately took her home, with her acting alborotada the whole way. Her crazy fits freaked out the neighbor so much that he came over to check on us. Since Lucky doesn't know the neighbor, this set her off a bit more so that I had to put her up for the day.

My traviesa didn't make me look totally bad, though. I opened her gate and led her through. She waited calm as can be while I walked back out of her pen, closed the gate and took off her halter from the outside of the pen. I may not know too much about horses, but at least I've been working on her manners a bit! :)

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