Friday, July 24, 2009

The Shirt

The question is on everyone's mind. Did she find it? The impossible quest for the perfect shirt started last night after a bowl of beer at On the Border.

Picture from here

Although the search didn't start off well (you should see some of the stuff they sell at Ross! Way too trendy for little ole unstylish me...) I ended up stumbling upon a shirt just one minute before the store closed.

Even though my dear friend T. scolded me for picking something so boring and business casual, I think it's perfect. It's the kind of shirt that can be worn to work or to drinks after work. It looks nice without saying "I'm trying really hard to look cute." It can be worn just about anywhere! Here's the shirt with the jeans and shoes that I'll wear it with. What do you think?

BTW, the shirt was only $6.50. Yeah, I rock. Thanks, T. and Miss H. for your shopping assistance. T., I'm sorry that I didn't pick one of your shirts. But, I'm not sorry that I won't look like a big black jellyfish with pouffy nylon sleeves!! :)

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