Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Luck!

It's been a day full to bursting with luck. Both good luck and bad luck. What do I mean? Well...

Good luck: A. and I won tickets to the 2nd Annual Ladies Night Out Expo.

Bad luck: It was already dinnertime when we realized that the chicken house door was open and all the chickens but one were running wild.

Good luck: A. caught all the chickens.

Bad luck: While chicken-chasing, I noticed that there were mushrooms in Lucky's area. Which meant that I had to shovel them out before Lucky decided to eat them.

Good luck: We won a $30 Home Depot gift card at the Expo. Yay!

Bad luck: I misplaced my housekey and we had to wait out in the cold until my folks got home and let us in.

Good luck: My folks rescued us in time for me to take an online exam due tonight.

Bad luck: After taking the exam I noticed it's not due until next week. Which means I would have probably done better if I'd actually studied.

Good luck: Having a picture of Loca looking out the windows at the silly humans shivering out in the cold. Perfect to add to this post.

No, none of this is made up. Yes, it's actually in order. LOL! What a day of ups and downs.

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