Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Remember These?

Isn't this the cutest cassette ever? Do you see how it's personalized? Yup, I did that! And you can, too. You can make your own here.
You can even make a VHS, too. Don't pretend you don't know what those are! I have tons of VHS that I can't bear to get rid of. Maybe they take up more space than DVDs, but I paid good money for them (50 cents to $1.00 at garage sales and thrift stores). There's no way I'm getting rid of them anytime soon!


fertmom said...

Hey- cute cassette; so retro!

My car has a tape player, so I've been copying CDs onto cassette- only problem is the quality is so bad!

Guess I'll save a few bucks and check out some resale shops for some cassette tapes :)

LocatheCat said...

Or... you could always just use your mp3 player instead. Maybe that would be less work? :) When my car had it's OEM cassette player, I used a little cassette with a wire running out of it. The wire could be plugged into the mp3.

It was really easy to use and it sounded great. The only thing is you could hear the actual cassette running in the player, but then you'd be hearing that anyway!

fertmom said...

I tried that with the old one I have and it didn't work. I can get a new one from Walmart for $10-$15.

That would be much better since I have so much music on the ipod.