Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Farm Life

So, do we live on a farm, or what? Yesterday, we had an exciting day. Not all in a good way. One of our dogs got our little black hen. After she got ahold of her by the neck, the dog wouldn't let go. It took a good five minutes to get the hen away from her.

They say that a good way of breaking a dog of being a chickenkiller is to tie the chicken around the dog's neck until it starts to rot. The dog will then stay away from chickens from then on. But how could we do that to the sweet little hen? There's no way. So now she's buried in the yard, with a nice pile of Lucky soil on top for good measure. Poor thing. She was caught unaware, so surprised that an egg popped right out of her. She's the only chicken that would get out and she'd been getting out for a few days now. Hopefully none of the others will find her secret passageway.

After the burial, you'll never guess what we had at the end of our driveway. A beautiful little bull. I was afraid that he'd go off and get hit by a car, so we tried to catch him with a pile of hay and a bucket of grain. I figured I'd just tie him to a tree until his owner came looking for him. Armed with a smallish stick (his pretty horns looked fierce) we tried to catch him, but he was skittish. Luckily, his owner swooped in with and went after him instead. He was adorable. The bull, not the owner. Maybe we should get a cow? Then we'd have eggs and milk. Sweet!

Here's a pic of a little bull that looks really similar to our visitor. Only our visitor had pretty little curved horns like Elsie the Cow, just a bit bigger and way sharper. His owner said that he's not a Zebu, but some kind of cross- a Gazebu or something. :)

BTW, this pic was found here.

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