Friday, March 27, 2009

My Chick Lit Life

My life has turned into a bad chick lit novel. Seriously. You know the books. They're always about a young woman who lives in the big city, going through adventure after adventure while living the single life. Yup, my life is now kind of like that, just more embarassing and less exciting. Something happened yesterday that just about killed me from embarassment. Seriously, it was through no fault of my own. Okay, maybe it was partly my fault, but most of it was someone else's. Is this confusing you? Good, then I'm not the only one! Sorry, no further details will be given to protect the pride of the embarrassed. (That's me.)

If you're looking for a good chick lit read, try one of these on for size. They're great.

Jemima J., by Jane Green

Good in Bed, Jennifer Weiner

Asking for Trouble, Elizabeth Young

Angels, Marian Keyes

For Better, For Worse, by Carole Matthews

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