Thursday, August 27, 2009

Como Santa Elena

In Spanish, "buena" has more than one meaning. It can mean, of course, "good". This is the meaning that I've always known. It can also mean someone has a, ehem... "nice figure". :) Really.

In my younger days, guys would always tell me that I was very buena. Silly girl that I was, I thought they meant that I was a good girl, with a good heart. So I would preen in a good girl way and say gracias. But, no... that's not what they meant. lol. It took me a while to realize what they really meant. That was a bit blush-creating.

So anyhow, last night a friend taught me the cutest saying that I was advised not to use with guys (aka pelados). Ready for a Spanish lesson?

When someone asks you, "Como estas?" (Spanish for "How are you?") you can reply, "Como Santa Elena. Cada dia mas buena." At first I thought it meant that each day is better than the previous one. But no, it means "every day I'm getting more buena". Cheeky, huh? So, I tried it a while ago with someone. And oh, yeah! He was very impressed.

So ladies, whenever someone asks you como estas, remember... you're like Santa Elena. Especially when you're only 7.5 pounds away from your 22-year-old weight. Woohoo!!

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