Friday, August 14, 2009

Boxes of Crafty Fun

Kristin over at Lu Bird Baby put together a "Bored No More" box for her little girl. It's a shoebox filled with all sorts of crafty goodies. Although I no longer have a little one in the house, I just *had* to put some together. I did a green one and a blue one for my two favorite little people. Moms, I'm going to check with them later to make sure that y'all don't take them away for your own use, so watch it!!

Here's a picture of my nephew's box. (I have no idea whose foot that is, okay?)Do you see how the top looks a bit bare? I'm going to pretend that I left it like that so that he can finish decorating it. Sure... that was the idea! An almost blank palette to inspire artistic tendencies.
Anyhow, the kit contains construction paper, crayons, watercolor paints, scissors, glue, pompoms, etc. Lots of things to (hopefully) keep the kids entertained while their moms have a quiet moment. Or to maybe keep the moms entertained while the kids take a break. Whatever.

Happy art-project-making, little R and little miss H!! :)

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