Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Video of the Day: Cleaning This Gun

My dad. My dad is the type of guy that guys like. He's amiable and easy to talk to. Whenever my husband's guy friends/family would meet my dad, they'd love talking to him. Afterward they'd always make it a point to ask after him. Whenever my husband and I would have a get-together, the guys would always ask, rather eagerly, if my dad would be there too.

Then, there's the other side of my dad. The side that, when I was younger, would freak out unsuspecting young men. So many times I've heard, "OMG, you didn't tell me he's so.. big!!" Okay, now. My dad's not big. He just somehow gives that impression.

My dad also enjoys scaring guys by acting all gruff and ornery. He'll scare guys, females, children, whoever he can. It's really cool when he comes across someone who won't back down, like the feisty waitress at Rosie's. You go, girl!

Well, anyhow, we got tons of rain over the past week and my dad mentioned that we have a leak in the roof. When I told a friend, he said that he could come over and fix it for us. So, my bud came over yesterday and hopped up on the roof. Then my dad came out of the house. (Insert scary music here.)

My dad, lovely man that he is, realized that the young man on the roof would probably fall right off if my dad did his normal bit. So instead of scaring my friend, he was instead quite cordial and (dare I say it??) gentle. Yes, gentle. It's rather unbelievable. It's a good thing, too. It would have been bad if there had been a falling-off-the-roof accident.

So, the point of the story? Dads rock sometimes. Not always. Sometimes they can be rather annoying and drive you batty. But there are times when they rock.

Now, for the video of the day. It's a good thing my dad didn't have a gun when I was a teenager. :)

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fertmom said...

That was hilariou :D Funny post and video.