Sunday, September 6, 2009

No More Horsing Around

Lately I've been wondering about what I'm going to do with Lucky. My Lucky needs attention that I can't give her. She needs one-on-one time and some good training.

Well, this weekend my aunt and uncle came to Dallas to visit for the weekend. We started to talk about Lucky and somehow they offered to take her off my hands. They have a couple of acres out in the country and all of their neighbors have horses.

So now my aunt and uncle are returning to their home to put up fencing and even to buy a lady donkey to protect my girl from coyotes. In a few months they'll return to pick up Lucky and take her back with them.

This is just about breaking my heart. I know it's the best thing for Lucky. My aunt and uncle will love her and provide her with an amazing home. They are animal lovers and will treasure her, I'm sure. Still, I'm going to miss her terribly.
This is a big step for us. It's actually in my best interests, too. This will free up so much of my time, a bit of my money, and get rid of all my precupaciones for her welfare and well-being. Lucky will have plenty of room to run and play. She'll get daily attention from my aunt. When they're big enough, my little cousins will get to ride her around.

Somehow I feel like I've been through all this before. At least this time I know it's in my girl's best interests. So, in the meantime, I'm going to start boxing up all of my horse books and magazines. I'll send them to my aunt so she can start reading up on her new pet. Ah, my heart is breaking. It's hard to let go.

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