Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Everclear Punch

Punch is an alltime standby when it comes to making drinks for a number of people with a limited budget. One way of stretching your money even more is by using Everclear, the hero/villain of many a frat party. Just be careful with this stuff. It's highly flammable! Yeah, really.

After looking online, I found a few recipes for Everclear Punch. The one that caught my eye was Becky's Magic Punch. Here's my version. Enjoy judiciously and away from flammable sources.

Everclear Punch

16 oz. frozen orange juice concentrate
8 oz. frozen lemonade concentrate
8 oz. frozen white grape juice concentrate
8 oz. frozen limeade concentrate
1 big can pineapple juice
2 2-liter bottles raspberry ginger ale
3 c. Everclear alcohol
Washed cut fruit (apples, plums, canteloupe, grapes)
Mix all the liquid ingredients in a large container. Add fruit and remix. Makes enough to last all night long! It gets stronger the longer it sits.

Also, the longer the fruit is in the punch the more alcohol-saturated it becomes. This is grown folk's punch. Keep the little ones away!

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