Tuesday, March 2, 2010


About a year ago I went through a major bout of housecleaning. I tossed a bunch of things that reminded me of Mexico and of what I had mistakenly thought to be happier times. One thing that I gave away was Jerezita. Jerezita was an adorable Mexican doll. I say "was" because (sigh) she has a new life now and hopefully a new name as well.

Today, I was on Wee Wonderfuls, and noticed a cute little doll that reminded me of an Americanized Jerezita. Isn't she adorable? She makes me want to go out and get another doll. Do you have a good source for handmade dolls? I checked on etsy.com but couldn't find anything I liked. If you know a place, let me know, please!

What's funny is I never really liked dolls growing up. I was more of a stuffed animal girl. However, I remember my maternal grandmother used to collect dolls. I never saw the attraction. Now I do. :) Weird, huh? Am I turning into my grandmother?? Lol.

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