Friday, February 13, 2009

Mother-Daughter Outing #2

Tonight A. and I went on MD Outing #2. This time we went to the O'Reilly Auto Parts Autorama in Dallas Market Hall. We were joined by my BFF and her freespirited daughter. (That's a discreet way of saying that in addition to being as sweet and precious as can be, she's also amazingly energetic, with her own mind!) The cars were pretty and the time spent together was fun, but the show was not nearly as exciting as it normally is. There weren't too many people there, probably due to it being the Friday right before Valentine's Day. Usually when we do things like this we go on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, when there are lots of things to see and people to do. Or something like that.

Anyhow, A. took tons of pics of the cars and bikes. They were just gorgeous. It's inspiring to see how an old, junky car can be turned into a beautiful, sparkling showpiece. Amazing. It makes me want to go out and restore a car myself. Or... perhaps it would be better if I can just get my own car into driveable condition again. That would probably be a more sensible idea, right? :)

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