Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving went well. Despite my dear hubby telling me that the stuffing tasted like bread and chorizo. Despite me not making cranberry sauce and my dad noticing and mentioning it while chowing down. Despite the fact that I forgot the topping for my absolutely delish sweet potato casserole. Yes, despite all this!

Then, too, my aunt was lecturing me that my family is pretty much going to fall apart because I work too much and am going to school, too. Although I quite vociferously told her that my second job is only going to be for a month or two longer and I’m also going to take a break from school in the spring. Sigh. Elders.

However, my uncle was an angel. He swept into the kitchen (no white horse) with a huge bowl of mashed potatoes. He finished making the red chile gravy (from an epicurious recipe, I’ll post it tomorrow), and buttered up the rolls. He put the turkey on the platter and delicately gave advice on how to pretty up the platter. We, okay- I, decided on alternating scoops of mashed potatoes and stuffing. Not only did my uncle offer kitchen assistance, when he arrived he brought in disposable plates, napkins, and a few cases of soda. Which reminds me… he also brought me some chocolate. Yahooo! Guess that’s going to get cracked open tonight. :)

All in all, it was a good Thanksgiving. Sadly I was too busy in the kitchen to hang out with my folks, my sister, and her son. Oh, well. Maybe Christmas??


Penny said...

Thank God for the "uncles" in this world. Uplifting and encouraging and offering a helping hand! It's all gonna be ok!

LocatheCat said...

What a beautiful comment. Thanks, Penny. He's my favorite uncle and he's just a blessing.

You're right. Everything is going to be okay. :)