Monday, December 28, 2009

The Perfect Guy

The other night I was watching the most amazing movie. It's a remake of a classic and somehow neither the classic nor the remake fail to get me all teary-eyed.

Perhaps I was in a bit of a sentimental mood when watching the picture, but towards the middle, I came to the surprising conclusion that the hero represents the perfect man. Tall, dark, and rugged, it seems unlikely that he can ever capture the heart of the lovely heroine. Yet he does. Maybe his good qualities can serve as a reference guide to some of the hapless men and women out there still looking for "the one".

Good qualities:

1. He doesn't let fundamental differences come between them. In fact, he almost seems to relish their differences.

2. He likes to laugh. Not only does he enjoy her humor, he can make her laugh as well.

3. He will fight for her despite seemingly insurmountable odds.

4. He protects her and looks out for her well-being.

5. He enjoys spending time with her.

6. He enjoys life and relishes the quiet beauty of nature in sunrises and sunsets.

7. Although rough, he does his best to not hurt her, either physically or emotionally.

8. Although circumstance conspires against him, he doesn't blame it on her, nor does he hold a grudge.

9. Although he can get jealous, he never takes his frustration out on her.

Maybe we should all get a clue and start acting more like this leading man...

Picture borrowed from here.

Not that I'm into big, hairy apes or anything. :)

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