Monday, May 25, 2009

Video of the Day: What If

It's after midnight and I just finished an exam and a report on something that I haven't even read. Yep, bad. Why this frenzied (non-)scholarship at this late hour? I didn't have time to study today since I spent all day shopping for something that I'd really like to buy. Did I find what I wanted? Yes. Can I afford it? Yes, barely. Should I buy it? I don't know yet.

So, instead of sleeping on it or, at the very least, playing catchup for school... I'm looking at music videos. Is this sensible? Not really. Am I sensible? Not really. Otherwise I wouldn't be scraping pennies together mentally and thinking... what if?

I'm always doing this. It's quite annoying. Sometimes I imagine the scenario so realistically that later on I can't remember if it's really happened or if I only imagined it. Is this a sign of a mental disorder? Please say it isn't!

Anyhow, here's Babyface. Isn't he gorgeous? And so talented. Maybe that's what makes him so gorgeous. Whatever. Anyhow, here's something to watch before you, too, start wondering what if. It's funny the turns that our lives can take. Who knows where we'd be if we'd made different decisions. We'll never know.

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