Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Really Green Lawn(Mower)

I've always wanted to have one of those old-fashioned reel-type mowers. Everyone would always tell me, "No, no. Those things aren't good. They don't work very well." So I never got one. That, and the fact that I've always had a man to mow my lawn! Anyhow, I no longer have a man, but I do have a lawn- a very big one. And two gas mowers and assorted weed wackers, in various states of operability. Instead of turning them all on and figuring out which are the keepers, I'm just going to let them gather dust and... get a reel mower. Yeah, baby!! Our lawn is going green.

After doing extensive research (okay, reading the reviews on and, I've decided to get the Scotts 20 In. Green Classic Reel Mower. This baby retails at $139.00 at my local Home Depot. That plus tax brings it to $150.47. However... Amazon sells the same thing (brand new) for only $109.00. Plus, there's no tax and no shipping. They even give a $30.00 credit if you get an Amazon credit card. Can you imagine? The lawn mower of my dreams for only $79.00? Oh, yeah. Mama's got a new lawnmower!!

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