Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Late Night

It's 11:20 pm. Instead of industriously doing an online lab for biology, I'm industriously blogging. Yes, me. Blogging. Never before have I had one of these thingamajiggies, but they've always looked so cool when I've come across them online. Well, when the blogger's doing it right at least! Who knows, this might be fun.

Who am I? My name is Michelle. I live and work (and go to school) in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Don't let that school thing fool you though. I'm no kid. Unless you're 50+, that is! Seriously, I'm early 30s, so that's not too bad. Anyhow, if you came across this site by accident, please don't back out the door, red-faced and shy. You're welcome here. :) Make yourself at home. Sit a spell. Take your shoes off.

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